Yellow blender
Yellow blender
$ 830


YELLOW BLENDER is a versatile Class-A preamplifier that has been specially developed to offer musicians and sound engineers a high-quality, flexible solution for a range of performing and recording applications. The preamp offers two dedicated inputs (one balanced XLR for microphones and one unbalanced Jack for instruments), making it ideal for a solo vocal/acoustic guitar setup, or a duo. The Return socket can also be used as an additional line source input if required.

YELLOW BLENDER’s two input channels offer 4-band EQ, 24V phantom / 10V supply for electrostatic microphones, plus a range of dedicated filters for sound parameter adjustment. Four output lines (max) enable connection to active loudspeakers, mixers, recording devices and effects. The Send and Return connectors enable an effect loop. A separate headphone output is also provided.

YELLOW BLENDER is available as a stand-alone preamp and is also included in all STAT-ROAD pickup packages.

0.4 kg
Dimensions (LxDxH)
20 x 10 x 3.8 cm
Frequency Response (@ +/-3dB)
10 to 25 kHz
Anodized aluminium box
Mic In connector
Mic In sensitivity
-56 dB
Mic In impedance
4.7 kΩ
Instrument In connector
1/4" jack unbalanced
Instrument In sensitivity
-52 dB
Instrument In impedance
3 to 300kΩ
Return connector
1/4" jack stereo
Return sensitivity
-30 dB
Return impedance
22 kΩ/dd>
Master Out connector
XLR / 1/4" jack unbalanced
20 dBu (XLR) / 14 dBu (1/4” jack)
Master Out impedance
100 Ω
DI Out connector
DI Out level
0 dBu
DI Out impedance
100 Ω
Send Out connector
1/4" jack unbalanced
Send Out level
5 dB
Send Out impedance
100 Ω
Phones connector
1/8” jack stereo
Phones level
10 dBu
Phones impedance
10 Ω
Yes on both channels
LOW: Shelving, +15 / -23dB (@60Hz)
LOW MID: Peaking, ±12dB (@300Hz)
HI MID: Peaking, ±12dB (@1.3kHz)
HI: Shelving, ±23dB (@12kHz)
Reson (notch filter): -20dB (@150Hz / @220Hz)
Warm: 1st order Low pass (cut freq. 2kHz)
Low cut: 2nd order High pass filter (cut freq. 120Hz)
Phantom power (nominal)
24 VDC (XLR) / 10 VDC (1/4” jack)
Class-A, no negative feedback, no integrated circuits
Audio transformer
24 VDC 210 mA regulated power supply
1 m
$ 76
2 m
$ 88
4 m
$ 98
1 m
$ 76
2 m
$ 88
4 m
$ 98
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