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In response to specific customer needs, we will evaluate each case the feasibility of sale with exchange and cash adjustment provided essential that the product used is a model of our production, with the company brand Schertler. In most European countries, for the sale of products permuted there are very restrictive rules regarding VAT, taxation and warranty. So before you exchange a product, We recommend you try to sell it directly; which will enable the best exploitation and monetization of its product.

Yes. For professionals with a VAT we have a special prices; Refer to the section "B2B cooperation request" area.

Certainly yes! It 's always your right to request tax bill; it is enough that during the purchase process you the field "invoice is required" and the necessary data such as company name, address, VAT number are essential elements of billing.

SCHERTLER DISTRIBUTES in Europe trough Noble Guitars Gmbh that is a company with registered office in Germany. Therefore, according to the German and EU law, operators with German VAT will buy VAT-included, while operators with VAT in another EU country will always receive an invoice for VAT exemption.
In some cases we will ask you to send the certificate of assignment of VAT or the business profile for the necessary tax audits and administrative. Invoices that are issued inclusive of VAT, because no other request had been previously transmitted, can not be modified to exclude the VAT.

Regarding Schertler Switzerland all invoices will be issued ex.VAT if there is no different agreement.

Within the EU, online purchases can be paid by several credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer

For Switzerland: The on-line purchases can be paid by several credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, by postal payment in 30 days.


For purchases made in EU and Switzerland:
Our bookkeeping will check daily the crediting of payments to the bank account specified in the purchase process. Sending his part of the payment receipt will be useful to prepare the products ordered while we wait for the delivery, the actual credit the account indicated. The time bank average necessary for payment to be credited are actually 3 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you pay by bank transfer (national or international), the bank may apply commissions that vary from bank to bank and based on the amount. We encourage you to make sure with your bank that we be transferred exactly the order amount, less its bank charges, otherwise we may get paid less than the value of the order and we will not proceed with the shipment.

All items will be processed according to your selected shipping method.

For purchases made in Switzerland with Invoice 30 days:
All orders will be processed according to your selected shipping method. The invoice will be sent with the goods.

Schertler offers a choice of three types of shipping.


The shipping costs can be seen directly during the order process. The costs include handling costs, insurance on the total value of the goods, customs clearance and taxes.

Economy shipping option does not include any cost of shipping. We only charge you for the handling, insurance and eventual duty costs. The goods will be sent within 21 to 30 days from the order.

Standard shipping option includes basic costs for the shipping + handling, insurance and eventual duty costs. The goods will be sent within 7 to 14 days from the order.

Express shipping option includes express shipping costs for the shipping + handling, insurance and eventual duty costs. The goods will be sent within 1 to 3 days from the order.



In order to see the durations more precisely based on the terriotory where you receive the parcel see FAQ 9

Shipments are usually sent by courier UPS, TNT and Swiss Post Office (in Switzerland) or Fedex which ensure reliable EXPRESS shipment in 1 -2 days for national shippings (which can stretch to 3-4 days for the islands and other areas of slower reachability) and 3-5 days for other European countries and USA. The STANDARD method takes 7-15 days and the ECONOMY 21 days and above. The times of delivery are approximate.

Upon shipment, you will receive an e-mail with all the details of the shipment with the tracking number through which it can check the progress of the expedition on the portal of the courier delivery charge.

All the products, in their original packaging with the necessary protections to safeguard the integrity of the content, are covered by insurance paid by us.


Certainly yes; if this is the case please send us immedtely an e-mail to telling us when will you visit us.

We will be happy if you will personally visit us and collect the order. We will show our facilities and environments where the product is developed, manufactured and serviced.

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