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Schertler SA is a company who operate on the market since more than thirty years. All products presented are solely and entirely produced by us at our production facilities in Mendrisio (Switzerland). Our business model is inspired by the customer satisfaction which we believe is vital to establish a direct line for the purpose of complete and accurate information about our products and services to support. For more detailed and transparent information, please refer to the "about us", "Business model" and "Team".

All the products on this website are produced by ourselves and guaranteed by us, without having to contact other manufacturers or service centers outside. Also, being ourselves producers, we can guarantee the immediate availability of spare parts, together with the most qualified technicians for the service, in or out of warranty, the products sold on this website or in the showrooms listed in the section.

Certainly we will be happy to receive your positive comments about the quality of our products. The positive comments represent for us the best stimulus for our work and repay us of efforts to continue to improve our products and our services; we would be pleased to receive them on our e-mail or even on our FB page. In parallel, will also welcome constructive criticism which helps us to improve and would appreciate you reported any dissatisfaction directly to the General Management to email that will address the appropriate checks; each claim will be duly taken into account.

Certainly yes; our comfortable and spacious showroom in Mendrisio (Switzerland) is available for any listening test and technical insights, with the direct assistance of highly specialized staff.
For appointments please call +41 91 630 0710 or write us at the e-mail: .

For any special request please E-mail us at .
We will connect you with the right person.

B-Stock qualification refers to a product which we don't sell as a new A-Stock because might have been returned by a customer within "right of withdrawal" lapse of time or might come from our showrooms or might come from our production dept with slight aesthetic issues such as a small scratch or a painting flaw or in scratched original package. Even though "B-Stock" products may look like not new, they are always inspected and tested in all of functionalities by our QC dept and are covered with our "factory warranty" and our "30 days money back" guarantee.

Availability of B-Stock is always limited, sometime to one unit only; available q.tis are sold on "first came first served basis".

Pics of specific model available on demand.

C-Stock qualification refers to a product that might have been refurbished or repaired by qualified technician and will very likely shows significant signs of prior use. It works properly but may not come with all original accessories and original package. Generally guaranteed for a limited time. Detailed status and flaws of each C-Stock product offered in our website is always precisely reported. Availability of "C-Stock" is always limited, sometime to one unit only; available q.ties are sold on - first came first served basi.

Pics of specific model available on demand.

You can find authorized repair centers on this LINK


Schertler SA
via Beroldingen 18
6850 Mendrisio

VAT number:
CHE-104.762.948 IVA 
  +41 91 630 0710
  +41 91 630 0711
Open a Ticket : Schertler Support

  +41 91 630 0710
  +41 91 630 0711
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