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The wait is finally over! We're proud to present the SCHERTLER Murano Knobs, a stunning limited-edition collection that elevates guitar tuners to an art form.

Born from a dream team – SCHERTLER's dedication to innovation, the artistry of Venetian Master Luthier Davide Pusiol, and the centuries-old mastery of Murano glassblowers – these knobs are more than just a functional upgrade. They're a captivating fusion of tradition and technology, a testament to the transformative power of collaboration.

Available in a stunning spectrum of seven colors – Black, White, Red, Blu, Green, Gold, and Sand – each Murano knob tells a unique story. These vibrant hues represent the very essence of Venice, from the iconic black gondolas gliding through canals to the grandeur of Venetian architecture and opulence of its heritage. Choose the color that resonates with your instrument's personality and your own musical spirit.

Each Murano knob is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Crafted with the same time-honored techniques that have defined Venetian glassblowing for centuries, these knobs bear the subtle variations that only the hand of a master can create. This ensures a personal touch, a testament to the artistry that went into their creation.

These Murano knobs are not just about enhancing tuning precision (though their smooth grip and tactile feel certainly do that). They are an opportunity to express your individuality, to transform your guitar into a captivating work of art. The timeless elegance of Murano glass adds a touch of sophistication that sets your instrument apart.

Order a set of SCHERTLER tuners with Murano knobs today, and receive the chosen tuners equipped with the glass knobs plus a set of 6 spare standard ebony knobs.

The Murano knobs are a limited-edition offering, due to their handcrafted nature and may sell out quickly. However, following the success of this first edition, we plan to repeat the production to meet demand.

So, if you seek an instrument that truly stands out, don't miss this opportunity. 


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