M Ag6
M Ag6
$ 266
M Ag6
left hand
$ 266
M Ag6
light wood
$ 296
M Ag6
dark wood
$ 296


MAGNETICO AG6 is a compact, lightweight pickup for acoustic guitar, designed to fit inside the instrument’s soundhole. It has a master volume control and a volume control for a separate external input (EXT IN). Sound from both inputs can be blended to create exactly the right effect for each individual performance or recording.

MAGNETICO AG6 uniquely combines high-end Class-A SCHERTLER electronics with active multiple coil technology. This results in fast transient behavior, flat frequency response and a full rich sound across the entire range of the instrument.

The pickup is supplied with an internal jack cable for fixed installation on the instrument and a Lithium 2032 battery. An external jack cable is available separately.

Versions: Black, Light Wood (LW), Dark Wood (DW)

Transducer type
Magnetic multicoil active soundhole pickup
Output impedance (@ 1 kHz)
5 kΩ
EXT IN impedance
ca. 10 kΩ
Frequency Response (@ ±3dB) - filtered*
0 to 40 kHz
Dynamic range
68 dB
Battery type
Lithium 3 V CR2032
Playing hours
c.a. 120 hours
Built in preamp
Yes all Class-A
External accessory
Compatible with S-MIC-M and DYN-AG6
For fixed installations
1/4" jack unbalanced output
Cable Length
internal cable supplied
Minimum sound-hole dimension
9 cm
$ 23
$ 23
1 m
$ 76
2 m
$ 88
4 m
$ 98
Schertler SA
via Beroldingen 18
6850 Mendrisio

VAT number:
CHE-104.762.948 IVA 
  +41 91 630 0710
  +41 91 630 0711
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  +41 91 630 0710
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