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ARTHUR saves the day during “Living Room” tracking session

A seemingly quick and easy guitar / vocal tracking session provided sound engineer Harold LaRue with something of a challenge as the session unexpectedly expanded. With LaRue’s recording gear packed ready for a household relocation, he quickly called on his ARTHUR modular mixer to save the day. La Rue explains:

“Originally slated as a quick, acoustic guitar and vocal tracking session in a living room, it quickly expanded to include a cellist, additional keyboard parts, with several accompanying partners and family members trickling in...all at the last minute. I'd originally agreed to do the session because it would be quick and easy: one artist, a couple of microphones into Pro Tools, no headphones or associated headphone mixes necessary...easy! Wrong.

Since all of my recording gear was in boxes, prepped for the move to California, the ONLY way that I could accommodate the additional session requirements was to unbox the versatile Arthur mixer, which had nearly everything that I needed: excellent mic and instrument preamps with direct outs, a headphone jack, auxiliary sends and returns for reverb in headphone mixes, and more. Since I do not yet have the Spring reverb module, I patched in and out of a Pro Tools reverb plugin. The round-trip latency was actually helpful in creating a bit of pre-delay, heh! The Arthur performed flawlessly; its features and ease of use made the session possible and a success.Thanks again!”

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