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New ARTHUR Spring reverb on test at Little Big Beat Studio

Little Big Beat Studio in Liechtenstein recently tested the new Arthur Spring reverb with guitarist Roger Szedalik. Featuring six springs for a rich "musical" reverb effect, digital delay and time-adjustable analogue decay, the high-quality reverb is designed both for use as an ARTHUR mixer module and as a stand-alone unit.

For this particular test, the Spring was used as a stand-alone reverb for classical /acoustic guitar, with everything going through a Schertler TOM PA system.

Delighted with the results, studio owner Little Konzett commented: “The Spring used on a classical guitar over the Schertler TOM PA (in quadraphony) sounds amazingly good. It has a beautiful depth, without the typical metallic sound… Everything sounded nice and warm over the great (TOM) PA system. This Spring is a must for every vintage spring fan!”

The Spring unit offers four different spring characteristics - Room/Hall/Wood/Glass - for a range of performance and recording situations. As a stand-alone reverb, it can be used with a separate mixer, guitar pedals, or it can be linked to a computer for recording applications.

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