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Nazzareno Zacconi tours with Schertler

Guitarist and Schertler Ambassador Nazzareno Zacconi recently completed an acoustic tour in Europe using three different Schertler sound systems. He talks about his experience on the road with Schertler products:

"Hello everyone, I'm Nazzareno Zacconi, I recently completed my acoustic tour around Europe with four guitars, a pedal board and three different sound systems:

• A TOM compact PA system and ARTHUR mixer (with 2 Mic Ins, 2 Yellow instrument inputs, 2 Stereo In units, a L/R Master and Aux Master) • A JAM amp • A Yellow Blender preamp

I also took along a Magnetico M-AG6 with S-MIC. This meant that I could achieve my sound in all kinds of situations and contexts. The surprising thing about these products is the way they allow you to sound check so quickly - absurdly, the time taken to achieve the sound was less than the time it took for the technician to tune the guitars! It's this aspect of Schertler products which is really quite extraordinary. In addition to having a unique sound and remarkable ease of use, they also have a number of other important features that become evident during live use: clean signal, reliability of direct outputs to the mixer, tolerance to various power systems, general reliability and robustness and above all, great speed in enabling the right sound to be achieved for every situation!! The Class A preamplifier always gives a great level of responsiveness during use and responds well when used with an effect, putting the musician at ease during a performance. This aspect is really important when you're playing by yourself with an acoustic guitar ! Another important aspect for me was the approval I got from engineers regarding the sounds I used and their positive comments about my setup. Acoustic musicians will often just present themselves with an amplified guitar, without bothering to bring a preamp, and hope that the engineer can solve any sound deficiencies. Too often they forget that the engineer cannot work miracles on a poor, characterless signal! For those who are used to tours with long shifts and overnight travel, a fundamental factor is being able to rely on instrumentation that can guarantee both excellent sound and reliability in a short space of time, with no compromises during sound check - even if you only arrive shortly before the concert. The three systems I brought with me on this tour always allowed me to have the ideal solution for every situation: When there was no in-house PA and resident engineer, I used the stand-alone TOM and ARTHUR system (something which I love, because playing with 1000 W dedicated to your guitar is really amazing!!). When there was a live system and an in-house engineer available, I used the JAM. The Yellow Blender is kept for shows involving air travel, where I do not want to compromise my sound through not having the other systems. (Not applicable on this tour, but it will be important for my April tour.) Here, the Yellow guarantees all the reliability that's needed for my performance. So having said all that, the only thing left to add is my thanks to this extraordinary company who provide so many valuable, efficient solutions for musicians and have such a wide range of possibilities to meet all needs! It is indeed a great joy for me to be part of this fantastic family. Thanks Schertler!!!!"

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