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new ambassador for the dyn oud p48


We are thrilled to announce that Amine Mraihi, the acclaimed Swiss-based Tunisian oud player, is the new ambassador for the DYN OUD P48, our latest contact microphone designed specifically for oud amplification.

Amine Mraihi, known for his innovative approach and mastery of the oud, has garnered international recognition for his performances and recordings. His deep connection with the instrument makes him the perfect representative for our groundbreaking product.

Amine recently released a video through his channels where he discusses the oud amplification, comparing the DYN OUD P48 with two other pickups he has used on stage.

In his detailed analysis, Amine highlights the DYN OUD P48 as his top choice, praising its ability to authentically capture the nuances and warmth of the oud's acoustic sound.

Although we can't share the entire comparaative video, we have released a few extracts on our channels showcasing Amine's insights. His endorsement of the DYN OUD P48 underscores its superior performance and fidelity, making it a game-changer for oud amplification.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in welcoming Amine Mraihi to our family. Experience the true sound of the oud with the DYN OUD P48.


Watch more about Amine Mraihi here.

Read more about the DYN OUD P48 here.



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