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For musicians seeking a stage monitor that seamlessly blends performance with aesthetics, the Schertler TEDDY offers an unmatched combination of power, design, and sonic clarity.

The TEDDY's compact, slanted profile keeps it unobtrusive onstage, ensuring a clear sightline between performer and audience. This low-profile design doesn't compromise on power, however. The TEDDY boasts a robust 200W of Class A analog amplification, delivering exceptional audio fidelity.

The monitor's elegance extends beyond its functionality, as it comes in two distinct finishes: a warm wood veneer with a textile front frame, ideal for creating a sophisticated ambiance in clubs and studios, and a sleek anthracite finish with a metal grille, built for the touring musician. But true brilliance lies in the TEDDY's sound.

Featuring a unique coaxial speaker system with a precisely angled design, the TEDDY projects sound with remarkable focus, minimizing sound reaching the audience and a highly directional audio stream that reaches the performer with exceptional detail. This ensures clear and accurate monitoring regardless of the performer's position, whether standing or seated.

With its powerful performance, tasteful design, and unwavering commitment to sonic excellence, the Schertler TEDDY is the perfect stage partner for musicians who value both discretion and exceptional sound quality.


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