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casey driessen presents 4 days of music and fun


American 5-string fiddler Casey Driessen is kicking off the Blue Ridge Fiddle Camp at the Brevard Music Center August 22-25, 2024, and SCHERTLER is excited to announce our partnership. We think this camp is an opportunity violin & fiddle fans of SCHERTLER will want to hear about. You’ll need to rosin up soon though, the application closes Mar. 9, midnight PST. Apply here.


"Open to all styles, Blue Ridge Fiddle Camp is an immersive 4 day violin & fiddle experience celebrating individual voices through the exploration of style, rhythm, and technology. Guided by a world-class faculty in a beautiful location, the camp invites all adventurous and open-minded players of the instrument around the globe—of any style or number of strings, acoustic or electric—to come together and shape the future of bowed string playing. At Blue Ridge Fiddle Camp, we believe that trying new things is the key to unlocking creativity and aren’t afraid to dive headfirst into uncharted musical territory. Our grooves are deep, our tech skills are sharp, and our musical experiences are nothing short of epic."

We sat down with Casey to chat about the camp experience.


SCHERTLER: How do you see technology in the modern string player’s toolkit?

Casey Driessen: Integrating technology and tradition is not only a reality for contemporary string players but a great creative tool for new sounds and textures. Amplification is the first step and the importance of quality electronics to translate the acoustic sounds we’ve worked so hard to master can’t be understated. Plugging in allows our instrument to be heard in venues and with ensembles that would have otherwise been impractical or impossible. And once you’re plugged in, an endless array of creative options unfolds to shape new tones and textures—inspiring improvisation, arrangement, and composition while also developing your artistic voice.

S: How does technology factor in at Blue Ridge Fiddle Camp?

CD: If you’re new to this world, it can be challenging to know where to start. And if you’re already in this world, there is always more that can be explored, but access and availability of options is not easy for our instrument. With this in mind, we’ll be providing pedal board lab stations at camp. Musicians will be able to check out the tonal possibilities of their own instrument through a SCHERTLER DYN-V-P48 pickup with a YELLOW BLENDER, and dive even deeper into new sonic realms through effects pedals if they’re interested.

S: How doesSCHERTLER factor into your own playing?

CD: I’ve been using some form of SCHERTLER pickup/preamp set for over a decade for their quality and flexibility. I love that it can be placed nearly anywhere on the body of the instrument to find the tonal sweet spot and shaped even further with the EQ on the preamp. And when I need the acoustically pure sound of my fiddle for a recording session, it’s easy to remove the pickup and reapply it afterwards. One awesome characteristic I didn’t expect, which has become a mainstay of my solo looping show, is the ability to create a solid kickdrum-like sound through thumping the body of the instrument.

S: What else sets your camp apart from others out there?

CD: One cool thing we’re going to do is put groove front and center by taking rhythm classes from the source, a master percussionist, but apply it to our instruments. Also, our faculty is top-notch—bringing a wide range of stylistic and professional expertise, are all career artists with unique voices, and all have teaching experience at the university level. And, students will have the chance to “choose their own adventure” in the classes they attend to help work towards their own musical goals.

S: Anything else you want to share?

CD: I’m really excited about the community this camp is going to bring together, including our amazing faculty! With so many styles and unique approaches to the violin/fiddle, and a shared enthusiasm for discovery and experimentation, it’ll be hard not to have a good time, conversation, or tune.


In addition to having access to a SCHERTLER DYN-V-P48 pickup, YELLOW BLENDER, and GIULIA X amplifier at the pedal board lab stations, SCHERTLER will be donating both a STAT-V-PRO set (STAT V pickup + YELLOW SINGLE pramp) and a DYN-V-P48 to the Blue Ridge Fiddle Camp online auction. All proceeds go towards providing financial aid for campers in need. This auction is open to everyone and will go live at closer to camp—stay tuned for a chance to win and support!


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