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schertler shines at grammys with our ambassadors


The 65th Grammy Awards were a night to remember, not just for the incredible music, but also for the subtle presence of SCHERTLER, the Swiss manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. From award-winning recordings to electrifying stage performances, SCHERTLER played a pivotal role in amplifying the talent and artistry of some remarkable individuals.

Behind the scenes, the talented sound engineer Sean Quackenbush relied on SCHERTLER equipment while recording "Joni Mitchell at Newport," which went on to win the coveted "Best Folk Album" award. His meticulous work captured the essence of Joni Mitchell's performance, ensuring its timeless beauty resonated with listeners worldwide.

On the main stage, SistaStrings's violin and cello took the Grammy stage alongside Brandi Carlile for a historic moment: Joni Mitchell's first-ever Grammy performance. Their instruments, equipped with SCHERTLER pickups and preamps, delivered a powerful and nuanced sound that perfectly complemented Mitchell's iconic voice.

Meanwhile, harpist Kirsten Agresta Copely received a nomination for "Best New Age, Ambient or Chant Album" for her stunning album "Aquamarine." Her music, known for its ethereal beauty and depth, is a testament to the versatility and expressiveness of SCHERTLER equipment.


SCHERTLER extends its deepest gratitude to all its ambassadors who choose their technology to elevate their music. From studio recordings to live performances, SCHERTLER remains dedicated to empowering artists to share their unique voices with the world.

So, the next time you hear music that moves you, listen closely. You might just be hearing the subtle magic of SCHERTLER at work.




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