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vittorio cosma brought his improv project to sanremo 2024


During the 2024 Festival di Sanremo, the heart of the Italian music industry, a unique series of improvised concerts pulsed with life each night. Curated by ambassador Vittorio Cosma, "Open Machine" brought together a diverse mix of guest musicians, some invited by Cosma, others spontaneously drawn from the festival's vibrant atmosphere.

As the technical partner, we were proud to provide the acoustic amplification – amps, contact microphones and PA systems – that powered these electrifying performances. Our equipment served as the backbone, faithfully transmitting the raw energy and musical alchemy that unfolded on stage each night.

Whether invited by Vittorio or drawn in by the magnetic energy, each artist brought their own spark. The result? Unforgettable nights where established names and rising stars jammed together, defying expectations and forging new sonic connections.


Open Machine wasn't just about the music; it was about the spirit of collaboration, the thrill of the unexpected, and the power of music to unite. And through it all, our technology seamlessly blended in, amplifying the music without ever overshadowing the raw talent on stage.


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