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schertler ambassadors on downbeat magazine

The 71st Annual Critics Poll was recently unveiled in September 2023 by Downbeat magazine, a renowned publication in the world of Jazz and Blues music, both in the United States and globally. It's worth noting that three esteemed SCHERTLER ambassadors have secured their places in the violin category.

Sam Bardfeld, a prominent figure in the New York jazz scene and a member of The Jazz Passengers, has had a prolific career, including collaborations with Bruce Springsteen and numerous jazz, pop, folk, and experimental artists. Notably, he has even graced the screen in a Scorsese film. Bardfeld's talent has earned him a well-deserved spot in the top ten violinists list.

French-American violinist and composer Scott Tixier, a previous winner of this poll in 2018 and a five-time Grammy award winner, continues to shine. His illustrious career features collaborations with legends like Stevie Wonder and Elton John, along with his music being featured in iconic movies like The Lion King and John Wick, as well as various TV and Netflix productions.

Meanwhile, the rising star, Italian violinist Anais Drago, has been making waves in the Italian music scene, thanks to her impressive skills and diverse collaborations within and beyond jazz. She's already lent her talents to movies, TV shows, theaters, and arenas across Italy and Europe.

What's particularly exciting is that all three artists have been loyal users of the STAT V electrostatic pickup and DYN V P48 contact microphone. It's a privilege for us to be part of their musical journeys, whether they're performing in intimate clubs, theaters, or grand arenas worldwide, whether it's with a jazz ensemble or for a captivating movie soundtrack.


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