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the stat electrostatic pickups

In the mid-1980s, Stephan Schertler, as a passionate professionaljazz double bass player, found himself dissatisfied with the sound produced by the piezo pickups, only option available at the time for amplifying his instrument. Determined to find a better solution, he embarked on a quest to create a pickup that would faithfully capture the rich tones of bowed instruments. This quest led to the birth of the STAT B pickup, an electrostatic contact microphone designed specifically for double bass.

The success and appreciation by many musicians worldwide led shortly thereafter to the development of an entire line of STAT pickups for bowed instruments, thus introducing the STAT V for violin and the STAT C for cello, as well as spawning a full-fledged business, SCHERTLER SA.

STAT pickups have been a game-changer, delivering exceptional sound quality and accuracy for musicians worldwide. One of the distinguishing features of STAT pickups is their easy installation process. To install a STAT pickup, the cork above the capsule is carefully filed to match the curves of the instrument's bridge where it will be placed. This ensures a secure fit while preserving the natural resonance of the instrument. The installation process is straightforward, allowing musicians to attach and remove the pickup as needed without causing any permanent modifications to their beloved instruments.

The magic of STAT pickups lies in their ability to capture the delicate vibrations produced by bowed instruments with remarkable precision. Through the use of electrostatic technology, these pickups convert these vibrations into an electrical signal that faithfully reproduces the organic and nuanced qualities of the instrument's sound. The result is a rich, natural, and authentic amplified sound that allows musicians to fully express themselves.

STAT pickups have earned a well-deserved reputation as a top choice among musicians for almost 40 years including esteemed artists who have achieved Grammy awards recognition. Renowned bassist Charlie Haden, celebrated cellist Hank Roberts, and the late jazz violinist Didier Lockwood are among the Grammy-winning musicians who have embraced the STAT pickups for their bowed instruments. Other notable artists, such as Scott Tixier, Mark Fain, Martin Weiss, Kris Wilkinson, Sam Bardfield, and Zipflo Reinhardt, have also chosen to utilize these pickups to enhance their performances. This illustrious list of musicians, along with many others, stands as a testament to the quality and reliability of STAT pickups, making them a top choice for amplifying bowed instruments in the music industry. 

Whether on stage, in the recording studio, or in intimate performance settings, STAT pickups consistently deliver the highest quality amplification, preserving the natural beauty and authenticity of bowed instruments. Stephan Schertler's vision and dedication have created a legacy that musicians can rely on to showcase their talent and captivate audiences worldwide. With nearly four decades of excellence, STAT pickups by SCHERTLER continue to be the go-to choice for musicians seeking unparalleled sound amplification for their cherished instruments.


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