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yves garant and his home recording setup

It's always a pleasure for companies to hear feedback from their customers, especially when they're satisfied with the products and services offered. Sometimes, customers become more than just buyers; they become brand advocates who are willing to share their experiences with others.

This is the case for Yves Garant, a customer from Canada, who has been using SCHERTLER products for his home studio and as a hobby-musician.

We value our customers' feedback and strive to continue providing them with exceptional products and services. We hope that this interview will provide insight into the quality of our products and the level of customer satisfaction we strive to achieve.



S. Hi Yves, tell us something about you and your musical background.

Y. I started with piano at a very early age and migrated progressively to organ and then acoustic guitar. For several years I had put aside the guitar to spend more time with the family but now that our sons left the house, I am back to this wonderful hobby, practicing +/- an hour per day.


S. How did you discovered SCHERTLER?

Y. Several years ago I bought a second hand Schertler Jam 150 and really like the transparency of this amp compared to other less expensive brands on the market. I found an extension to it few years down the road and this addition was quite an improvement to the overall quality of the sound in a little home studio I set up progressively.


S. What do you like about our products?

Y. Whey I write transparency, I mean that it duplicates the exact sound of my guitars, only louder. I have tried other similarly priced amps over time and I really like the low-end frequencies that Schertler can project. To me the other amps did not have both the transparency and the low-end frequencies, and I wanted both. I tend to be quite picky and believe I have a decent musical ear.


S. What is your Schertler setup and how do you use it?

Y. I bought the David X with a Yellow Blender so that I can add a friend playing and singing with me, if need be, during private parties. Otherwise it is more than loud enough for a house or even a small room. I got also the Elyps 600 PA System along with an Arthur Prime 5 mixer and although this is a bit loud for a small studio (I cannot really crank it up) it sound amazing, even at low level of volume. I bought the transport bags and intend to play small venues eventually when I get better.


S. Would you recommend Schertler gear to other musicians and if so, why should they chose Schertler instead others?

Y. Every musician I invited over to hear the equipment were stunned by the sound quality. One luthier told me in the past that if I wanted to play music all my life, as a hobby or professionally, I needed two things: a good instrument and I needed to learn to sing. I can add a third contributor to this list : having good sounding equipment to amplify well your instruments and voice. Schertler is a definite asset to me on that regard, for above mentioned advantages. I have not yet heard anything I enjoyed as much as Schertler’s sound reproduction.


S. Thank you Yves!

Visit Yves Garant facebook profile here


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DAVID X acoustic amplifier

YELLOW BLENDER acoustic preamplifier

PRIME 5 analog compact mixer

ELYPS 600 pa system




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