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events of march 2023

In March 2023, SCHERTLER equipment was used in various musical events all around the world.

Just name a few, in Tennessee, USA, country artist Scott Southworth performed and hosted at NACMAI '23 Hall of Fame ceremony, the main event for independent country music that honors individuals and groups who have made significant contributions to the country music industry, using his AG6 magnetic pickup.

In Seoul, South Korea, Candlelight Guitar began a series of classical guitar shows featuring an enchanting atmosphere with only the musician, for these first shows the young Korean guitarist Seo Seung-min and the light of hundreds of candles on stage. The amplification is all-SCHERTLER, with a ROY X acoustic amp, an ARTHUR PRIME9 analog mixer, and an ELYPS 1000 pa system.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Darren D.C Cross continues his tour, performing his Australian Primitive Guitar style music both as a solo act and supporting act with the help of his AG6 magnetic pickup + S MIC condenser microphone and his GIULIA X acoustic amp. Australian Primitive Guitar is characterized by the use of open tunings, fingerpicking, and percussive techniques such as tapping, slapping, and scraping the strings and body of the guitar to create rhythmic patterns and textures.

SCHERTLER products once again proved to be essential for musicians around the globe.


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AG6 magnetic pickup

S MIC condenser microphone

ROY X acoustic amp

GIULIA X acoustic amp

ARTHUR PRIME9 analog mixer

ELYPS 1000 pa system




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