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there is only one pa company that i trust

Dominik Leichti is one of many entrepreneurs in the industry who have had to reinvent themselves during the COVID period.

His company, Bearbeat, specializes in small- and medium-sized events. His all-inclusive concept includes a beautiful stage fashioned from a Piaggio APE-CAR and even musicians for the event if needed.

From 2019 to now, he’s kept himself busy switching between gigs at senior centers, hospitals and neighborhoods. And now that things are looking up, we asked him how Schertler has contributed to his entrepreneurial formula. Here’s what he had to share:

"The Schertler PA is perfect for me as an entrepreneur with an emphasis on acoustic shows. We have several TOM and Elyps PAs which can be neatly coupled together to open up a real sound world,” Leichti said.“Of course, we mix our sound easily and in a flash with the analog mixer from the Schertler (Prime Arthur 13). A true pleasure! You can feel immediately how perfectly the Schertler components work together. “We also have a ROY X,” he continued. “WOW—A blast! Amazing how this amp works. The sound is insanely powerful and ultra precise.”“As an entrepreneur and musician, there is only one PA company that I trust, SCHERTLER Made in Switzerland!"

Dominik, thank you so much for sharing. We wish you all the best for the future. Rock on!

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