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The Artist Community x Schertler (ACxS) was born in the heart of the first European lockdown, during the spring of 2020, when Schertler's products and 30 years of experience were combined with KCLF's innovation and brilliance. From that moment until today, 14 internationally renowned artists (and counting) have shared mixers and pickups, each creating their own package of original sounds, conceived and created through the provided products, flowing into a single library available to the public.

All samples will be released on Bandcamp, 4 packs every 20th of the month. The first 4 are online now! Head over to the community page now and don't miss your chance to purchase the first 4 original packs from Chevel, RAW M.T., Visceral Design and The Lady Machine!


Proceeds from sales will be distributed equally among all participants. Each pack consists of a demo track and a different number of sounds, extremely personal in terms of style and communication, and whose quantity determines the cost of the pack. The project, which is still ongoing, will soon include other artists, who will be able to use the same products and create their own sample packs.

If you would like to know more about the project and the great artists who are part of it, visit their dedicated page on our website.

Schertler would like to thank KCLF for their close cooperation in this first year of the project and all the outstanding artists who made possible what initially was merely an idea. First 4 sample packs are available and include:


Chevel – Sprung, Echoed & Processed

RAW M.T. – Deconstructing Physical Objects

Visceral Design – Residence Quarantine

The Lady Machine – The Lady Machine for ACXS

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