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Ameno (Italy)

On the 11th and 12th of September 2021 took place in Ameno (Italy) the third edition of 'Liutai in Villa', an exhibition of acoustic and classical guitars made by professional luthiers; an event enlivened by a rich program of demos and concerts. Schertler was present once again this year as technical partner together with Savarez Strings and G7th capo, providing the amplification for the concerts; an Elyps 1000, two Teddy monitors and an Arthur modular mixer. Dario Fornara, organizer of the event, in the afternoons of the two days presented the new line of amplifiers Schertler X series and he showed how to best use the DYN-G-P48 transducer by installing it on various guitars. He then continued his demonstration by presenting the Magnetic M-AG6 pickup that he has been using live for years on his Chatelier guitars. The exhibiting luthiers actively participated to the demo asking questions and personally testing the various products directly on some of their instruments. The evening concerts were held by the guitarist Bruno Michel Abati, and by an extraordinary Alex Gariazzo, who proposed an involving concert full of energy, confirming himself as one of the most interesting guitarists in the Italian blues scene and not only. Alex Gariazzo used a Jam amplifier and a guitar built by the luthier Alessio Guarnieri, amplified with a Magnetic M-AG6.

Unfortunately, as one might imagine, the organization behind the event was hard-earned, with Covid-related restrictions limiting the options and, unfortunately, making unforeseen changes to the schedule. However, despite the difficulties, the turnout was as expected, with a large, interested, and diverse audience, including professional musicians, connoisseurs and amateurs. Indeed, the aim of this event is to create opportunities for the exhibiting professional luthiers and to satisfy the requests of the public in all its diversity. The perfect encounter between these needs and differences is also achieved through an elegant, refined, and intimate location, just like the instruments on display are.

In conclusion, the two days of the event were filled with good times, and several excellent guitarists performed, including, as mentioned, Alex Gariazzo, who also joined the large family of Schertler artists. Dario Fornara, who actually has been a part of it for many years, says he is very pleased with the success of the edition, as well as with the large and affectionate audience including, on Sunday, Stephan, Liliana and Giulia Schertler. Indeed, he concluded the day with a smile, saying:

"I really hope to be able to repeat this event next year, with the help of the 'Paese a Sei Corde' and with Schertler's important and valuable support".

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