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New agent in Benelux

A brief introduction directly from our new Benelux sales agent!

Good luck Marcus!

"Hi, my name is Marcus van Engelen. I have been building guitars and basses, repairing musical instruments and designing guitar hardware for over 30 years. I’ve had music shops in various parts of the Netherlands.

Currently I’m living in Leiden, running a repair centre and luthiery. My designs for guitars and hardware start from my own idiosyncratic taste, my quest to improve upon the traditional solutions, and a desire to present musicians with an instrument which can widen their vocabulary. With these instruments, I have found a niche of customers who are open minded, who themselves are looking for something that does not exist yet but should, who want to be involved in the process of making a musical instrument.

When Schertler invited me to become their agent for the Benelux I jumped to the opportunity. I love their stubbornness when it comes to quality. In a market where amplifiers are designed to cut costs, it is refreshing to see and hear a product that was clearly developed to sound as good as possible, and to offer the right kind of attributes. Their pickups take a different approach from the other branches I know, and prove to be of outstanding quality as well. My aim will be to convince the shops that for real professionals, as well as for accomplished amateurs, only the best is good enough. And only the best gives you a natural sound, close to the unamplified instrument, only louder.

After all, reproducing the natural sound may look easy, but listening to most products on the market proves just how difficult it really is. I believe Schertler stands out in this field, and I will enjoy sharing this belief with others.”

Schertler SA
via Beroldingen 18
6850 Mendrisio

CHE-104.762.948 IVA 
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