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marko ciciliani and his

Gamified Audiovisual Performance and Performance Practice;

this is the name given to the project devised by Dr. Marko Ciciliani at the University of Graz. This artistic research mainly focuses on the question: what potential lies in elements from computer games in the context of experimental audiovisual composition. The project was conducted from three different points of view: the perspective of 1) the audiovisual composition2) the performer3) the audience.

In order to carry out the project, Dr Ciciliani decided to use Schertler's contact microphones, the DYN UNI P48, for data collection. For a better understanding of the use made of them, the project leader himself was asked how they had been deployed.

“The microphones were used in musical contexts”, Dr. Ciciliani explains. “In one work with the title 'Tympanic Touch' we connected two DYN mics to tables on which the performers knocked at different points of the piece. These knocks were amplified in the performance space, but they also triggered electronic sound processing. For that reason, it was important to work with contact microphones with a low noise floor, so no unintended triggering occurs. In another work titled 'Anna & Marie' we used the DYN on a baroque violin in order to extract a direct audio signal with no 'bleeding' from other sound sources in the space. This was important, because the instrument's signal was used to control the movement of a virtual character in a 3D space. In the end we had to use a different microphone in the performances, but most of the development of the project was done with a Schertler DYN”.

When asked about the role and functionality of the DYN, Marko Ciciliani states: “Most important was the clean signal and low noise floor which I found very satisfactory. I had worked with Schertler microphones before, so their quality didn't come as a surprise”.

You can find the project website at Documentations of both mentioned projects here:

"Tympanic Touch":

"Anna & Marie":

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