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walter scalzone introduces dyn uni p48 for handpan


We are happy to support, after years of mutual acquaintance, a beautiful proposal by Walter Scalzone: an online handpan course.

Walter Scalzone is an international percussionist & handpan player based in the Las Vegas of the Middle East, Dubai. He performs over 400 events per year around the world and has formed around 500 handpan students. Since years, he only performs and record handpan with DYN-UNI-P48 by Schertler. This microphone has been with him throughout his ongoing career bringing him to reach the highest sound quality for his handpans, both live and in studio.

“When I first started playing handpan, I was using Shure SM57, but this was not an option at all, especially for live performances. I didn’t want to risk any annoying feedback, so after a research I came across Schertler. Thanks to an incredible customer service I received my first DYN-UNI-P48 in Dubai in no time. It’s incredible to see that such a small mic can amplify an entire instrument so well! Schertler stepped up my entire music career”

Check out Walter Scalzone online handpan course, the first reference hub for handpan players of around the world! 

We would also like to remind you that all course participants will receive a voucher worth 10% discount on all products from Schertler, just drop us an email on and we will give you all instructions!

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