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Mendrisio’s first Analog Music Night - a celebration of music and sound

On 27th July, the Piazzale alla Valle in Mendrisio will resound to the very best in acoustic performance and audio quality as “Analog Music Night” is staged in the city for the first time. This new, innovative event focuses not only on music, but also on aspects relating to sound quality. Top class international artists will be supported by a purely analog sound system. This will enable both performers and audience to experience a truly unforgettable music and sound experience.

The event is also a “local” celebration of Mendrisio, supported by the City of Mendrisio and Schertler. All audio products used to make the evening possible have been designed and built in Mendrisio. The concert itself will be recorded using the legendary Stellavox TD-9 tape recorder.

Artists will perform in the centre of the Piazzale alla Valle, while the audience can watch from all around the square, either sitting comfortably in a stand, or standing up and dancing.

“‘Analog Music Night’ is not just a musical show, but a sound experience at three hundred and sixty degrees” says Artistic Director Stephan Schertler.

To keep spectators well fed during the evening, restaurants in Piazzale alla Valle will offer a special menu designed exclusively for "Analog Music Night" (in addition to the usual à la carte.) Visitors can opt for a Jazz Dinner from 18.00, or can arrive at 20.00 and order a range of international snacks while enjoying the live music.

The concert features performances from


LUIGI BONAFEDE SEXTET (IT) ‘Treveller of dreams’ Jubilee Concert

FREEDOMS TRIO (NO/MZ/BR) ‘Grooves from the three Continents’

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