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SR factory hits full production capacity as Asian market exceeds expectations

2017 has been a bumper year for the SR factory in Italy: In addition to producing the SR product range, it’s also the manufacturing facility for all Schertler amps and loudspeakers. With the factory now working at full capacity, Duilio Salvucci, SR Technology’s General Manager, reflects on a year of successful products and partnerships.

“Year-end is fast approaching and I see with great satisfaction the brilliant market response and continuous growth of SR products in the Asian markets, leading to a doubling of sales volume for a third consecutive year. The top performing line has proved, once again, to be our HR Series: Full-range passive loudspeaker systems specifically developed for installation applications. The series includes the HR10 (300W) and HR12 (400W) models, both of which are exclusively equipped with the highest grade Italian components. Designed to deliver an amazingly crystal clear sound, the loudspeakers are ideal for a range of permanent installation applications including KTV, club systems, AV presentations and live sound reinforcement. Italian musicality combined with Swiss precision has formed the basis of the famous "SR Sound”; deep, decisive bass complemented by a soft, crisp mid range and perfectly integrated clear “highs”. The goal for all SR products is to express more transparency and musicality in all the delicate nuances, teamed with a passion and enthusiasm for providing affordable products that don’t compromise on sound quality. At the moment, our main issue is facing up to growing demand: We’re striving to meet this through additional qualified staff and sufficient investment in raw materials, in line with the expectations of our customers. This all repays company efforts in product development, as well as emphasising our “inborn love for innovation.” 

My warmest appreciation and gratitude also goes to our distributors in the Asian key markets, in particular to Puch Thanh Audio in Vietnam and R.Jian in China. We still believe that business, in addition to product and marketing strategies, is down to people. A loyal, personal and mutual understanding represents a unique added value that compensates for the ups and downs of markets.  Here, we feel that we're teaming up with the right distributors and the right people: They are exactly the right partners to perform in these demanding markets, whose peculiarities require extensive knowledge and experience. Our distributors offer a level of expertise, organization and trustworthiness that is helping to establish SR products as a major player in the market.”



Some comments from our distributors:  "As a major player in high-end pro audio installations, we have found the ideal partner in SR. SR products, fully Italian made, stemming from Italian musicality and tradition combined with Swiss precision, perfectly fulfill the ever-growing expectations of our clients throughout the Vietnamese market. Backed up by unequalled marketing support, SR key products - such as the HR Series - set a standard that is now a market reference for any professional in the pro audio business.”  Mr Pham Van Nguyen, Managing Director of Phuc Thanh Audio, Vietnam.


“My staff and I were really impressed after listening to and testing the various SR product lines. Thanks to the depth and breadth of the portfolio, combined with its top quality, we believe SR products will perfectly match our goal of fulfilling the ever-growing expectations of our clients throughout the Chinese market” R.JIAN Chief Executive Officer, Mr Alex Leung.

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