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Luthiers worldwide rely on Schertler

Our experience with well known luthiers, less famous luthiers and even amateur luthiers is proving extremely valuable to us as a company. As they work with our tuners, pickups and amplifiers, it provides important feedback that helps us ensure that we can continue to develop the most appropriate products for the market. So we would like to thank all the luthiers who work with us, helping to grow our brand and making their beautiful guitars richer with our Schertler gear. Here are some of the individual luthiers and companies that we work with …  


ALDO ILLOTA is one of the most prestigious Italian luthiers of today. About Schertler he says: " My cooperation with Schertler has lasted for many years. They always impressed me with all the innovative products that have helped me to make my guitars sound great even when amplified. With their pickups, the sound of the guitar remains unchanged and very natural... for both nylon and steel string guitars. For one of my last guitars that I built for Bebo Ferra, I managed to create a perfect synergy between my lutherie, Bebo’s playing style with his researched sound and the Schertler products. I used a Lydia Vol and an M-AG6 with the S-MIC -M to amplify this guitar." More about Aldo on Facebook @AldoIllotta.Liutaio  

SANDEN GUITARS are a Swedish guitar company. Michael Sanden says: “I started Sanden Guitars in 1982 and have, from the start, always wanted the best for my guitars and for my customers. Through the years I have built all kinds of stringed instruments, but mostly steel stringed guitars. Whether it is my more affordable Roots series or my custom guitars, I always try to make my best. When Schertler approached me about using their tuners, I saw an opportunity to ”step up” even more in quality and precision. I have now used the tuners for about four years and both me and my customers love them. I also think they fit very well in style with my guitar designs. I use the all-black tuners for my Roots series and they blend right in with the design. For the Custom series I use the gold tuners with ebony buttons to give them a classy look and feel. I also give guitar building classes twice a year and to be able to offer Schertler tuners to the students is just the best.” More about Sanden Guitars: 


AUDEN GUITARS are a small group of highly skilled luthiers and craftsmen who hand build every Auden guitar using traditional methods and the very finest materials. Auden Guitars are delighted to be a UK partner of Schertler. As well as using Schertler tuning machines in their guitars, the Lydia pick up that they install in every Auden partners perfectly with the range of Schertler acoustic amplifiers. More about Auden Guitars


BENIAMINO GUBITOSA is a “local” Swiss amateur luthier. He chose to build a Schertler M-AG6, in combination with the DYN-AG6, into a guitar that was specially made for Marco Zappa, a local bandleader since the 1960s who is also a singer-songwriter, music producer, music and Italian teacher and psychologist. The guitar was made for the 50th anniversary of Zappa's stage debut. More about Beniamino’s guitar on Facebook @gubib guitars


At WILD CUSTOMS in France, they are passionate about guitars and Rock’n’Roll culture. But beyond the instruments and music, they also share a true passion for things “vintage” and collect old cars, old motorcycles, old tools, LP’s, adverts of the 50’s & 60’s, furniture… This background explains the artistic direction of the brand and the vintage spirit of WILD CUSTOMS guitars. They use Schertler tuners for their instruments. More about Wild Customs: 


GAUDENZI GUITARS. A young Italian brand of the finest artistry and quality. In this lutherie they build custom instruments and install Schertler tuners, Lydia and M-AG6 series pickups. More about Gaudenzi Guitars: 

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