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Dario Fornara Demo Concert at Six Bars Jail, Florence

Dario Fornara’s recent performance at the Six Bars Jail Club in Florence proved an ideal opportunity to showcase some of Schertler’s flagship products. The acoustic guitarist and Schertler Ambassador delighted his audience by demonstrating how the various products are now becoming key elements of his on-stage setup and sound.

The small theatre in Serpiolle is considered a “benchmark venue” for the acoustic guitar in Italy. Some of the greatest names on the international scene have played there including John Renbourn, Peter Finger, Don Ross, Beppe Gambetta and Alex de Grassi to name just a few. Dario Fornara’s concert, organized in collaboration with Schertler, would prove no less of an occasion.

A particular feature of Dario’s performance was his use of an entire audio chain made up of Schertler components. Starting with the Magnetico M-AG6 pick-up mounted on his guitar, the chain also included an ARTHUR modular mixer in a specially assembled 4-channel configuration to suit Dario’s needs, a TIM PA system and the new TEDDY stage monitor. 

During the concert, the potential of the compact Giulia Y amplifier was also demonstrated: Dario played a few songs using it as the only amplification system. Its sound filled the small theatre perfectly, to the amazement of those present.

The new TEDDY monitor also proved highly interesting to the numerous guitarists in the audience. For Dario, TEDDY represents “the ultimate in timbre, dynamic response, sound and aesthetic diffusion!” 

Finally, Dario used Giulia Y with the M-AG6 pickup and the S-MIC-M microphone set to “minimum”, representing about 15% of the final sound in the mix. Here, the amplifier settings were: Gain 12 o'clock , Low 12 o'clock, Mid 7 o'clock, High 12 o'clock, Warm inserted filter, Reverb 1 o'clock, Master 12 o'clock.

(photos by Nello White)

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