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New “armour” for ARTHUR as Schertler launches hard case range

Touring with the ARTHUR modular mixer has now become even more straightforward as Schertler launches a new range of hard cases designed to accommodate different numbers of mixer modules. Lightweight, slim and sleek in appearance, the new cases are also highly functional and impact resistant, providing robust protection for the enclosed mixer both during transportation and while in use at live venues or studios.

Constructed from 4mm thick multi-layer poplar wood with a 1mm embossed PVC coating, the cases have anodised aluminium profiles with anchoring teeth as well as pressure-tight plastic angles with reinforcement rivets for added strength and stability.

The interior Ethafoam lining is designed to perform the dual function of securely protecting the mixer during transportation and circulating air underneath it to avoid overheating during use. Each case has a removable lid with surface-mounted snap-on steel hinges and butterfly closures, rubber feet to protect against vibration and a strong, comfortable carrying handle.

Cases are available for configurations of 10, 20 and 30 modules

Features at a glance:

- 4mm thick multi-layer poplar wood plus 1mm PVC slightly embossed finish (total 5mm)- Internal lining in Ethafoam- Anodised aluminium profiles with anchoring teeth- Pressure-tight plastic angles with reinforcement rivets- Flexible, rubber-coated steel handle- Steel butterfly closures with compensation spring- Surface-mounted snap-on steel hinges- Rubber feet


10x 44.5L x 56H x 12 cm 20x 81L x 56H x 12 cm 30x 116L x 56H x 12 cm

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