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Calling All Mandolin Players!

Your chance to win a DYN-M-P48 in the Schertler Group / Mandolin Cafe giveaway.

Schertler Group and Mandolin Cafe are combining efforts to give away a Schertler DYN-M-P48 pickup for Mandolin with a retail value of $325. The giveaway is open to all Mandolin Cafe visitors, regardless of location. You do not need to be a member of the Mandolin Cafe Forum in order to enter and no purchase is necessary. For a chance to win this high-quality contact microphone, you can register via this link  on the Mandolin Cafe website from 23rd July. A single random winner will be picked on Sunday 30th July at 9.30 a.m. Central Time (US).

About the DYN-M-P48

This fully balanced, active, dynamic contact microphone with Class A electronics has been specially designed to focus on reproducing the mid-high sounds of the mandolin. The microphone features state-of-the-art, in-house developed active filtering technology that has enabled it to be precisely matched to the instrument’s sound characteristics. This leads to more “immediate” results for the user, making it possible to achieve amazing sound with only minimal adjustments required. The DYN-M-P48 features a sleek, lightweight design that makes it less obtrusive to the player. The microphone is supplied with Schertler’s own customized cable that is both robust and torsion resistant, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use while delivering best possible performance results. A balanced XLR connector enables direct connection into an acoustic guitar amp (that has phantom power and XLR inputs), or a microphone input on a mixing console. The microphone also works effectively through full range amplification systems.

The DYN-M-P48 can be easily and safely applied to even the most valuable of instruments using special adhesive putty. It can also be quickly transferred between instruments during performances or recording sessions. This microphone is additionally recommended for use with Sitar, Oud, Saz and other similar ethnic instruments. Note: Requires 48V phantom power. 

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