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In concert with the Gnu Quartet and Schertler

Since its formation in 2006, the Gnu Quartet has achieved international success with a range of original projects and collaborations. Over the years, the players have relied on Schertler STAT V and STAT C pickups to ensure the most natural reproduction of their string sound in an amplified environment.

In October, Schertler’s Artist Relations Manager, Giulia Schertler, met up with Roberto (violin), Stefano (violin), Rafaele (viola) and Francesca (flute) during a soundcheck before their performance at the Teatro Regio in Turin.The quartet revealed that it was not their first time in the beautiful theatre, having already played there 10 years ago with the great Niccolò Fabi and Gino Paoli. 

"Obviously we were already using Schertler products at that time" says Roberto. 

At the Teatro Regio, the quartet’s STAT pickups were connected to Schertler Yellow Blender preamps. These offer highest levels of sound quality while allowing the performers flexibility to adjust various sound parameters.

Roberto and Raffaele describe the importance of the Schertler brand for their music:

"When you start playing, you focus on giving your all and learning your best. The more you go on, the more you understand that it's not just about this, but about sound. You have to educate yourself about sound, and that's something you only learn through experience, but it's indispensable. When we started, the amplification detracted rather than enhancing [the sound]. Schertler was our turning point and always allows us to transmit a clean and emotional sound.”(Translated from the original Italian.) 

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