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Welcome to our website.

I’d like to take you on a journey through our company history that begins in the early 80s when, as a young man, I decided to realize my passion for electronics and music by creating the Schertler brand.

I remember those pioneering years with great fondness; the musical landscape and our idols of the time, those huge amplification systems and the technology that was available.

Many things have changed since then, but at the time we just became what we were through “making and doing”, determined by our abilities and our limitations. On a personal level, I never really studied the sophisticated techniques of marketing; I’m an engineer and a professional musician with a predilection for the bass, the piano and acoustic guitar.

Any change that occurred was always driven and powered by passion and dedication to our corporate mission - which has always been the same - to design and produce instrumental sound reinforcement with the highest levels of fidelity, through a genuine, direct and interactive relationship with musicians. The company’s current business model still conforms to these principles, combining distribution through ed partners with the opportunity of purchasing directly from our manufacturing plants in Switzerland and Italy. Visitors are always welcome and you can see how our products are developed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Whether you are new to our products, or one of our existing customers, we hope you find the information on this site useful. We also welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve our products and services.

Stephan Schertler
President of Schertler Group


Based in Mendrisio, SCHERTLER designs and manufactures analog audio equipment including modular and fixed-channel mixers, contact mics and amps for acoustic instruments, and PA systems. Founded in 1986 by the (then) 27-year-old double bassist Stephan Schertler, the Swiss company currently has 18 employees and occupies a leading position in the international acoustic instrument market. More recently, SCHERTLER has entered the pro audio sector where its products have quickly established themselves.

1986 – 1989
The history of SCHERTLER is born by chance. It is the winter of 1986 in St. Gallen and Stephan - dissatisfied with the currently-available double bass amplification systems - decides to build a mic for his instrument. The result is destined to become the flagship STAT-B. Colleagues and friends in the music business begin to take an interest in this product and a demand is created. This leads to the bass player starting a small home production run of mics. Two years later, STAT-B is joined by systems for violin and cello. Following this, Stephan starts to create electrostatic contact mics for guitar and a SCHERTLER “brand” begins to emerge.

1990 – 1999
In ’91, SCHERTLER develops a new electrodynamic technology for contact mics and obtains a worldwide patent. This results in a new series of microphones, not only for stringed instruments, but also for guitar, mandolin, harp and piano. Production is now growing and requires more manpower, so Stephan’s wife, Liliana, joins her husband.

Releasing the company’s first preamps proves an important step as SCHERTLER moves into the development and production of high-end products. In ’93, the small family business moves from northern Switzerland to Mendrisio in the far south. Three years later, a new series of electrodynamic contact mics is created, with a much-improved magnetic suspension. Within a short time, Stephan also establishes VELVET (a new SCHERTLER-related company) with the aim of producing double bass strings.

In ’99, following increased demand for products, Stephan and Liliana legally establish SCHERTLER SA in Mendrisio and take on the first employees. The company also begins working with Italian start-up SR TECHNOLOGY to produce loudspeakers and amps for acoustic instruments. (Engineering and testing continues to be carried out in Switzerland.)

2000 – 2009
By the early 2000s, ten people are working for the Swiss company and one of the key principles of SCHERTLER technology comes to life: No Negative Feedback. Launched in 2000, SCHERTLER’s new-generation Class-A preamps are the first musical instrument products of their kind to present this type of system. It opens the door to a new area of research and development in the audio world.

The decade sees other exciting innovations from SCHERTLER including new preamps, an under-saddle mic for guitar, an electrostatic contact mic and, most importantly, the first amps for acoustic instruments - flanked by a supporting loudspeaker and a subwoofer. SCHERTLER is now able to define a strategy for offering amplification for any acoustic instrument.


2010 – 2019
In the first half of this decade, SCHERTLER brings a whole range of new products to market. Stephan, still the mind behind every creation, designs a new series of amps that will be the world's first ever to have Class A-, NNFB- and IC-free preamps. Two PA systems and a wedge monitor are added in 2015.

The second half of the decade sees SCHERTLER enter the world of pro audio. In April 2016, a revolutionary new analog modular mixer is presented at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. SCHERTLER continues to make further inroads into this sector by creating new modules and three fixed 5-, 9- and 13-channel mixers, all with stunning electronics.

In 2019, SCHERTLER decides to close its Italian factory and moves its entire production to Switzerland, thus becoming a 100% Swiss Made company.

2019 - Present Day
In the ever-evolving world of professional audio, Schertler has once again set the benchmark for excellence and innovation. As they stride into the present day, they continue to push the boundaries of sound engineering with two revolutionary releases: the X series amplifiers and the DYN HP P48 contact microphone.

Introduced in 2020, the X series amplifiers boast a level of sonic performance that sets them apart from any previous Schertler or competitors' amplifiers. Concepts such as timbre accuracy, energy, neutrality, and transparency have been meticulously refined, defining the new X series. The implementation of electronic crossovers in the bi-amp amplification has enabled Schertler to achieve a sound that is more transparent and neutral, with a richer timbre and an enveloping sound image that exceeds the expectations of both musicians and listeners.

Furthermore, the DYN HP P48 contact microphone, developed by SCHERTLER in collaboration with the renowned musical duo Hang Massive, represents the pinnacle of microphone engineering for handpans. The DYN HP P48 is sturdier, designed to withstand the demands of rigorous performances and studio sessions, ensuring reliable and consistent performance in any musical setting.

During this period, Schertler has also enhanced their PA system with the introduction of the ELYPS 1000. Furthermore, they have expanded their product line with two innovative and professional modules in the Arthur F48 series: the MIC LINE X and MASTER X, alongside new tuner sets and a new version of their iconic Stat-pre preamp, the STAT PRE PS, which now features a power supply in place of the 9V battery.



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