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Chevel is the main pseudonym of Dario Tronchin (b.1989), an Italian DJ, music producer and artist. Hailing from Treviso and pioneering a new sound described as ‘weightless’, Chevel has attracted his fair share of international press and performed live in acclaimed clubs, festivals and events. Tronchin scored the very first Campari Red Passion 20/21 global campaign.


RAW M.T. is the pseudonym of Giorgio Bacchin, artist based in the northern part of Italy. He describes himself as: …strength combined with cunning ... raw is the Viking explorer ... backpacker, he takes leave from the legions at dawn .. the camp fires slowly dying ... the comrades still snoring with their mouths open, drunk from the night before, as he enters camouflaged and silent as a cougar... a mountain lion ... in the lost lands ... in the virgin forests ... among the mist of the morning in the pursuit of the holy immaculate/unblemished groove never heard before ... often he runs into jewellery left by ancient civilizations now evolved… sometimes even into alien ships hidden in the florae .. under a limitless starry sky ... listen in silence…. enchanted ... to his tales .. his adventurous stories of reconnaissance and exploration.

QUOTE: "I’ve taken this chance to explore new fields, recording new sounds from scratch, processing them through different sources such as old school hardware samplers or crazy tools. A lot of processing have been made using Argeïphontes Lyre, that Biosphere describes in his interview for Resident Advisors as a “bizzarre software application that no one knows how it works”. This application was used to turn some sounds recorded through the microphones into weird and unrecognizable elements. All the creative part was also supported by talented and passionate peoples, who gave their contribution in order to provide some original stuff."


VISCERALDESIGN - Born in Paris in 1990, Tyler Kaufman (VISCERALDESIGN) spent his first six years in Paris and England before moving to Los Angeles, California. Kaufman’s brainchild, Visceral Design, is a musical collective that brings together a variety of styles from modern-age cinematic to electronic dance to eastern. The project was created in India, where Kaufman lived in a music commune of Sikhs to study sitar and Indian Raagas. In 2013, Kaufman graduated from Berklee magna cum laude with a double major and double minor with a focus on music production, interdisciplinary arts, programing and composition. Visceral Design has performed all around the world, including the United States, England, Germany, France and Spain. Visceral Design has also been able to play at some of the largest music festivals, including Burning Man and No Where Festival. Their live performances infuse a deep study of western and eastern traditional music with a new age electro set. While staying inside the world of electronic experimentation, the guitar gets transformed into sonic soundscapes, melodies of electric sitar ring out and live improvisational looping is created in front of its audiences. Visceral Design’s interactive performance uses live video projections with custom animations that flow in sync with the music to help transport the audience members on the musical journey. In 2018, Kaufman decided to move back to Paris from Los Angeles to further explore the art scene of Europe and expand his artistic expression. By collaborating with Adèle Tilouine, this expansion and interdisciplinary art exploration was able to materialize itself into TakT.

QUOTE: "I am super excited to announce an audio sponsorship with the great audio company Schertler, who has decided to sponsor me and TakT Arts and be a collaborative partner. I am proud to be part of Schertler’s innovative audio technology. The analogue mixer sounds incredible and is crossing the boundaries of what can be done with modular mixing boards."


The Lady Machine is a veteran Brazilian artist with 20 years of experience under her belt purely as a vinyl DJ. Based on a more complex structure of rhythms with dark underground lines of synths and textures, The Lady Machine incorporates the spirit of techno in the twenty first century. She stands by a deep musical research and precise technique. Her versatile sets blend genres of techno in its many forms and when combined with her fast, furious but tight mixing it creates a perfect atmosphere with the dance-floor. “I never limit myself to one style. “A quality sound with attitude and always dance floor orientated are what I try to convey in my sets” she says. Following a hiatus from the techno community, over the past two years she has cemented her name in the Berlin community playing at the best events in the city and becoming a resident at the highly-rated event Pornceptual. Previously she has been at the forefront of the underground electronic scene in Brazil for many years, her skills have taken her around the globe over the past two decades including Asia, North America, Latin America and numerous tours of Europe with club and festival performances across the continent.

QUOTE: "Proud to be part of this amazing project - it was a great achievement considering it was a hard year for us creatives. I had a lot of fun using the Arthur Format 48 mixer and the DYN 48 contact microphone to record and process sounds for the last two months. I recorded 70++ samples with a variety of sounds. There's a fair bit of experimentation but mainly sounds that represent my tracks so if you like the music I've been putting out you will enjoy this. The Spring reverb module was my favourite piece of the Arthur Format 48 mixer. The combined sounds of the spring reverb + the digital delay and echo allowed me to create some very unique and interesting sound effects so far."

The Lady Machine

Marco Passarani hails from sunny Roma, Italy and is the label boss behind the highly revered ’Nature Records’, ’Pigna’ and any Finalfrontier related record labels. His Finalfrontier production hub is, indeed, the axis for artists such as Jolly Music, Mat 101, Francisco, Raiders of the Lost ARP, Ambit 3 and Monomorph/D’Arcangelo amongst a host of others. Marco Passarani has played a pivotal role in the italian techno scene since the early days, djing, promoting and running his Finalfrontier pioneering distribution and production company. Since fifteen years, his journey into the electronic dance scene has always been in a central “behind the scenes” position, with his first productions coming out in late 1993 on Detroit based Alan Oldham’s ’Generator’ label. The following year he created ’Nature Records’ and his own distribution and production company Finalfrontier. Whilst releasing and promoting other artists on his own labels, he has also released various works (EPs, LPs, remixes, compilations) on a bunch of seminal labels of the like of Skam, Peacefrog, Clone, Rephlex, NovaMute etc. His sound has always been very emotional and dynamic, throwing in washes of any form of electronic dance music into a unique style that ranges from peak time dancefloor to introspective electronica. Surely, his more recent productions reveal his earlier influences more than ever: both signatures, Marco Passarani (Peacefrog) and Analog Fingerprints (Pigna / Finalfrontier) clearly show his passion for the roots of Detroit Techno and Chicago House. His ability to re-interpretate those genres, gave Marco the chance to collaborate once more with some of the most respected Detroit production team such as Submerge (the Finalfrontier record label is actually co-produced by Submerge). In his DJ sets Passarani spins classic techno into twisted italo-disco, electro, house and funked-up electronix in a fluid and contained groove, and lately he’s adding even more personal touch through newer technologies (such as Serato Scratch) playing a lot of unreleased tracks, beats and edits. Marco has played almost everywhere around the globe.

QUOTE: "I recorded some 'old school' percussive sounds with my first two synths the sh101 and ms20. I thought it might be a romantic way to make sense of the more old school way of working that I had to deal with using this format of mixer."

Marco Passarani

Marco Shuttle - Operating in the abstract regions of techno and coming from a visual (fashion) background, Marco Shuttle has carved out his own little niche in recent years. Marco Shuttle has always achieved a lot with a little, and that is the singular aesthetic that stands him apart. His cinematic techno sounds are unusually organic: they build pressure in subtle ways and his meticulous grooves never fail to take listeners on a trip to somewhere new and exciting. As a result of this, he has become a firm favourite amongst the techno cognoscenti and has released on some of the most revered labels of the day, from famed New York club The Bunker’s new label to Peter van Hoesen’s untouchable Time To Express via Clone SOS and his regular home, Eerie Records. Italian born but London based, where he also gained his MA in Fashion at St Martin’s. What ties his creative work together is a focus on abstract yet organic texture and the same thing defines his tightly woven DJ sets from fabric to Berghain to Labyrinth in Japan. His eclectic cerebral sound takes cues from jazz and musique concrete as much as it does from acid house and Detroit techno. Early breakout records like his 'The Vox Attitude' have been followed up with great abstract outings on Clone and remixes for Third Side, whilst the future promises a collaboration with compatriot and fellow producer and friend Donato Dozzy as Anxur. It will land on Eerie, Marco’s own well-formed label and is sure to be another supple and succulent offering that proves Marco Shuttle to be a uniquely minded techno troubadour.

QUOTE: "The sample pack has been created recording extensively from some of my favourite analog machines of my studio in Berlin. All the sounds have been recorded through the excellent preamps of the Schertler modular mixer which really impressed me for its round analog and yet crystal clean dynamics and which played a key role in adding character and colour to the already great sounding sources."

Marco Shuttle

Silent Servant - No time has been wasted in the wake of Sandwell District’s 2011 demise. Along with Regis and James Ruskin, Silent Servant founded the Jealous God label. In it’s short existence, they have already cut-up and reinterpreted many of the conventions of the techno world, forging a unique identity in the process. With it’s highly conceptual aesthetic and relentless dedication to experiment, Jealous God is a flag-bearer for the contemporary electronic avant-garde and a loyal ally to all mutant experimentalists. While insincerity remains the safety of many, Silent Servant’s own productions are brutally honest and resolute, rendering irrelevant those mongering for light. Deeply pensive and forward thinking, his sound is marked by a distinct blend of the disparate and divergent. An appreciation of warehouse techno, industrial noise and post-punk are evident, yet challenged and reworked to form a uniquely modern style - a vitality so controlled and concentrated that it captivates immediately. His live sets are another matter of inventiveness. The superfluous eliminated, Silent Servant has, for years, been rewiring the minds and moving the bodies of those seeking the most meaningful and potent energies that electronic music has to offer. Having developed a special kind of discipline, Silent Servant will no doubt continue to drive forward, bringing the truly adventurous with him. His criterion of action is freedom of movement, timelessness of expression, freedom for transgression; holding truth at most high. To that end, there is no compromise.

QUOTE: "Thank you Schertler and Kclf for having me as part of the artist loan program for the “Arthur Format 48". These are strange times we are living in but creativity is all we have sometimes, so a big thanks for your support."

Silent Servant

Neel is an artist with an impeccable and unrivaled skill whether producing in the studio, DJing or playing live around the world. His considered output fuses rhythm and texture with techno and ambience in hugely captivating ways, setting new standards for ambient and techno through his releases. His music on labels like Token Records, Spazio Disponibile and Spectrum Spools only confirm the class of his sound. This is also confirmed through his immersive ambient AV shows at places like Mutek and Berlin Atonal, his captivating DJ sets and his solo live techno shows. The long time collaboration with Donato Dozzy, starting off with them performing and recording as Voices From The Lake, has evolved into them co-running the Spazio Disponibile label. Neel is a true modern day techno craftsman who can do surreal and unusual things with sound in truly unique ways as both a DJ and live performer.

QUOTE: "I am delighted to host this baby for few months at studio. It is an amazing modular mixer which i am going to use on recording for the next few months.."


Rabih Beaini, formerly known as Morphosis, has been on the lebanese musical scene since 1990 selecting and playing music in small clubs and on radio since the age of 14. In 1996 he moved to Italy and had the chance to improve his studio production skills. After many releases under other aliases, he started his own imprint Morphine Records in 2005, releasing the first ep on it, “Hunting”.

QUOTE: "This Beaty from Schertler will be sitting in the studio space for some weeks, looking forward working on this!"


Alessandro Adriani is the head of Mannequin Records and the resident dj / curator of the bi-monthly Mannequin Records nacht at Berghain. Since moving to Berlin in 2013, he introduced an array of obscure techno, electro, ebm, minimal synth, post-punk and experimental records through his own imprint. His music production is deeply influenced by the use of analog equipment from the 70's and the 80's. His recording studio, based in Berlin, is filled with some of the most amazing synthesizers, drum machines and outboard produced during that period. His dj and production skills brought him to work with music institutions like Berghain, Tresor, Redbull Music Academy, Resident Advisor, Boiler Room, Atonal Festival and so on. In 2019 he started a music collaboration with the electro producer The Hacker as 'Amato & Adriani', followed by a release and an extensive tour around Europe. Aside from his work in releasing forgotten gems and up to the minute synth incantations, Alessandro Adriani has also been quietly issuing out his own music for labels like Mannequin, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Pinkman and Jealous God.


ALIX EDWARDS - QUOTE: "The past year has been incredibly intense for most of us in some ways. We had to focus intently on our surrounding communities, supporting each other where ever there could be a lacking of ability, strength, and awareness. Now, we can only imagine how much these moments we choose to rely on one another benefit us. We discover how much unity favors our existence. This opportunity highlighted these ideas for me, especially when considering the functionality of this mixer. It was a joyful experience to unify components with this mixer to build a system that best suits my needs. The Arthur modular mixer acts as a brain to the entire setup, utilizing the direct stereo inputs and aux units to maximize the dynamics. The quality of sound is beyond anything I've experienced considering the size and weight. One of my favorite parts of the mixer was most certainly the spring reverb. It added a unique flavor to the sounds and was very present during most of the recordings. The most intuitive part of this mixer is most certainly the modularity of the device. This running theme makes much sense in this practice. With this mixer, I've worked with multiple artists and each found something special to enjoy for their flavor of creation. During my time with the mixer it formed a unity between many different groups that I believe will be inspired by this community project to build and create more and I think that reflects the evolution we are going through currently. "


AB UNO - Created in Berlin in 2016, AB UNO is an Experimental Electronic project founded by Eugenio Petrarca and Roberto Di Ciaccio. AB UNO’s live performances range between deep modular synth explorations, ambient improvisation, audio-visual compositions and interactive installations. AB UNO’s sonic sculptures create a landscape of wastelands & imagined places by way of dense layers of ancestral rituals, obscure noises & psychedelic soundscapes. AB UNO creates borderless, physical sounds that develop and unfold as the audience is carried away in hypnotic atmospheres in a fluid progression of music and images. Amongst influences, AB UNO counts Coil, Zoviet France, American minimalism, Eliane Radigue, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe to name a few. AB UNO is constantly creating new music and audiovisual installations, with the aim of putting out at least one album or EP per year. ^ AB UNO is also available to teach workshops in Modular Synths (basic/advanced level), Ableton Live, Drone music (principal techniques and instruments used in ambient and minimalist music).

QUOTE: "Created over a period of two months by using the Arthur F48 analog modular mixer and the universal DYN contact microphone, Dissonant Oscillations is Ab Uno’s sonic contribution to Schertler’s Artist Community project. While recording through Schertler’s analog mixer, we immediately realized how much effort, attention to details, and build quality have been made to ensure great transparency, dynamic response and tone of all the sources running through its analog circuits, allowing us to really hear and feel the soul of our machines. But besides being a great recording tool, what really impressed us was its character and creative potential, thus turning into a unique and organic instrument thanks to its onboard spring reverb and echo machine that we intentionally abused to give the sound a very distinctive touch. Fusing together evolving ambient soundscapes, hypnotic sequences, percussive loops and gritty noise textures, this collection has been entirely created using a slew of vintage analog synths, modular gear, and various esoteric instruments from our studio in Berlin and definitely constitutes an original glimpse of Ab Uno’s signature sound! "


DAHRAXT - Whether under Mannella or DAHRAXT alias, Alessandro has been for over a decade an active electronic music soldier: his music speaks for him. He’s a DJ, producer and LIVE performer with a great instinctive and eclectic musical approach. Behind the decks, his unique touch and contagious energy are ever distinguishing him. He started to shake the dancefloors of Milan, his hometown and due to his natural-born digger spirit, he moved at a young age to Ibiza for some years. There he crafted his mixing skills throwing illegal parties around the Island. He also played at the infamous Space for the Carl Cox Night with many talented DJs. As a proper vinyl collector and defender, he worked at Vinyl Club records store and opened two of his own labels when he moved to Berlin in 2014. “PicNic34” has a techno-experimental touch, while “JTseries” is his personal playground and outlet. He immediately started gaining attention, playing in the historic Tresor's cage and in many other great clubs such as About Blank, Arena, Suicide Circus, and also hosting parties at Griessmühle. He has also performed in and outside of Europe in countries like Japan and Mexico; also taking part not only in the underground festival circuit at festivals such as KRAKE, but also performing at even bigger festivals like SONAR. DAHRAXT is without a doubt one of the most esteemed and skilled rising talents in the electronic music scene. He boosts collaboration with artists like Blawan, Cristian Vogel, Santiago Salazar, Sunil Sharpe, Tobias. or Vladislav Delay. Moved by a genuine passion and grit, his authentic sound is bound to be experienced by many.


STENNY - Rising in Turin and currently based in Munich, Stenny debuts with his first 12″ Solstice Deity on the Zenker Brothers label Ilian Tape in 2013. Mainly inspired by the spirit of 90’s Techno and IDM, his contribution as a producer could be described as club focused but not merely functional. The dusty and stepping drum programming, often contrasting with the dense, atmospheric surrounding, is one of the peculiarities of his style, which in fact, references often to the Jungle or Hardcore era, but basically aims to evolve with no genre boundaries. As a Dj he maintains a similar, versatile and open minded approach, ranging between contemporary and classic but forward thinking club music.

QUOTE: "I am pleased to be part of the Schertler artist community project. I'm currently testing the Arthur modular mixer and recording a sample library with various sound sources."



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