In 2003 Schertler launched the original Classic series of compact amplifiers. The 3-channel UNICO and its 2-channel sibling DAVID provided musicians with high quality portable solutions for amplifying stringed instruments. Suitable for almost any performance situation, the amplifiers received positive feedback from users worldwide, firmly establishing Schertler’s reputation in the field of acoustic amplification. In 2010, the Classic series was upgraded. A new “look” and lighter weight, combined with increased power and functionality, offered even greater flexibility, ensuring the amplifers’ continuing popularity.

2011 saw the release of Schertler’s Deluxe series, the ultimate in compact acoustic amplification systems. Even more powerful, with re-engineered CLASS-A preamps and power amps as well as a range of new control features, the Deluxe series has reflected Stephan Schertler’s lifelong dedication to offering musicians the very best in acoustic sound reinforcement. This has been further evidenced in 2012 by the addition of the new LAFARO double bass amplifier. Dedicated to one of the best-sounding bassists in jazz history, LAFARO represents the culmination of years of research into the challenges of successfully amplifying the sound of this complex instrument. 2012 has also seen the former SR Technology range of compact JAM amplifiers re-branded by Schertler, providing customers with an additional series of cost-effective, all-round sound reinforcement options.

Schertler amplifiers are complemented by a range of loudspeakers including the Classic SIDE that functions as a stand-alone active system, or as an extension to UNICO. Schertler’s BASS system provides a subwoofer that can be used to great effect with either DAVID or UNICO. It also provides the foundation for a compact PA system in conjunction with two SIDE units. The JAM series offers similar possibilities, with the JAM150 Extension expanding the compact JAM 150 amplifier to a highly effective 300W system. Schertler’s high quality preamp series includes the flagship Yellow Blender and its new Yellow Single sibling. These user-friendly, lightweight yet robust preamps are designed for use with a variety of instruments. Every section from input to output has been specially engineered to ensure maximum potential from any type of sound source. Schertler’s STAT-PRE and A-PRE preamps continue to provide musicians with high quality solutions that are tailored for use with STAT-SET sensors and the A-DYN universal contact microphone.